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In today's rapidly changing business environment, organizations need to have the right systems and strategies in place to stay ahead of the competition. Custom software applications can help automate and streamline processes by increasing efficiency and adding value back to the business.

At sail44, our custom software services are the result of top-notch execution techniques and quality assurance plans, tailored to meet the specific needs and practices of our clients. Our predictable and proven project implementation practices and approaches ensure improved quality awareness and cost/time management for the project. We offer project management using the right cost model to provide custom software solutions with review and acceptance milestones throughout the product life cycle based on client needs.

Our custom software development services cover a broad range of innovative fields, including:

  • SAAS Development - Secure, reliable, and robust SAAS development on platforms that meet your requirements.

  • Software Product Development - Developing product-based software solutions that increase organizational ROI and sales.

  • Business Software Consulting - Utilizing our experience to help you develop, benefit, and succeed.

  • Custom ERP Development - Development and implementation of various modules that focus on discrete work streams that are integrated through modules.

  • Enterprise Software Development - Customized software services and solutions to meet the requirements of your organization, increasing productivity and profitability.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions - The ability to develop and implement the best cloud-based solutions using Saas/PaaS.

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At sail44, our combination of proven processes, experienced developers, and focus on delivering exceptional products ensures that every project meets its budget and timeline goals. Through effective communication and planning, we bring transparency and clarity to the project for all stakeholders and ensure that all parties involved in the project are working with the same expectations.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Our team's attention to detail and commitment to excellence is evident in every custom software application we develop, ensuring optimal usability, data integrity, and the potential for future growth.

Cost-effectiveness is key to a successful business. sail44 helps you navigate these decisions by providing expert guidance on the most suitable projects and enhancements for your organization. By utilizing Agile development techniques and minimizing project timelines, we minimize costs and ensure maximum return on investment.

Our UI prototyping services give you the chance to test your product before full-scale development, ensuring that your product meets the requirements and expectations of your internal and/or external customers.

Product maintenance and enhancement can be complex and costly, but with sail44, you have access to a team of experts to help you manage and support your products through all stages of development. From basic support to large-scale improvements, we ensure that your applications stay up-to-date and engaging for users. Our solutions empower your in-house experts to focus on performance enabling them to make informed decisions on upgrades while keeping operating costs low.

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At sail44, we offer comprehensive Big Data Analytics Services to efficiently manage, transfer, analyze, and support large volumes of unstructured data. We excel in database application development, covering a wide range of databases, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Our database management services include Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, and more ensuring top-notch data management and accessibility.

We offer a range of services, from database development and information warehouse design to data quality and database administration. Our data quality process evaluates different information sources, ensuring solid, intelligent, and reliable data. We also provide guidelines for monitoring database accessibility and responsiveness.

In addition to these services, we offer advertising analytics to measure the success of marketing sales, identify market trends, and provide data slices of a product portfolio. Our e-commerce analytics offer a complete company analysis, including sales separation, inter-item commitments, customer demand analysis, and more. Our HR analytics help HR departments estimate staff turnover, improve representation efficiency, and identify methods for encouraging employee commitment.

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sail44 understands the challenges faced by large corporations in collaborating and exchanging real-time information across multiple locations, departments, and systems. That's why we offer tailored Enterprise Solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our end-to-end services, from consulting to product maintenance, have successfully designed solutions for CRM, Enterprise Mobile App Development, BI Dashboards, and Financial Analysis and Reporting.

Drawing from our extensive experience in software development and diverse technologies, we streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs. Our Application Outsourcing service allows businesses to focus on their core abilities and access a pool of multi-disciplinary software developers through our Dedicated Development Center.

We also offer Business Intelligence consulting to help organizations effectively analyze the Big Data produced from various systems. Our custom CRM modules and screens in Salesforce align with customers' needs and business policies. Our expertise in SharePoint enables seamless integration with the current IT architecture.

In the era of mobility, we support businesses in leveraging their portable devices with our extensive experience in enterprise mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms.

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The Cloud Application Development services at sail44 utilize the latest technologies to offer scalable, cost-effective, and easily deployable cloud-based solutions. Our team of cloud experts helps businesses save on technology infrastructure costs and choose the right cloud computing model, be it Private, Public, or Hybrid, to fit their specific needs.

Our Cloud Deployment services include Cloud Consulting, Cloud-based App Development, and Cloud App Integration and Migration. Our Cloud Consulting Services provides strategic consultations that assess cloud readiness, plan cloud architecture, and offer full maintenance and support.

Our Cloud-based App Development leverages the power of cloud technology to create apps with speed, agility, and efficiency while being mindful of cost. Our Cloud App Integration and Migration services help migrate legacy applications to the cloud, integrate cloud apps with existing applications, and provide on-premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration services.

We strive to offer the most dedicated cloud experience by conducting a detailed assessment of your technology elements to ensure all your business requirements are met.

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In the fast-paced digital landscape, having a mobile app is essential for businesses. As a leading mobile app development company, sail44 creates robust and adaptable apps for a wide range of businesses, placing a strong emphasis on delivering customer-focused solutions with the utmost creativity and efficiency within project budget constraints.

Our team of expert mobile app developers has a wealth of knowledge in the latest technologies, hardware devices, operating systems, platforms, and the development of custom mobile apps to meet unique requirements.


For iOS app development, we can leverage the full potential of app functionality and data integration by creating apps that work seamlessly across the Apple ecosystem. sail44 also develops mobile apps and solutions that are useful for organizations that employ Android devices.


For hybrid platform app development, we use technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Angular Material, and JQuery to create cross-platform apps for smartphones. We aim to provide a seamless user experience while keeping development costs low for businesses deploying hybrid apps to a large audience.

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In today's rapidly evolving market and technology, it's essential for business leaders to keep their software apps up-to-date. That's why sail44 offers a dedicated team of professionals committed to refining app quality and providing comprehensive testing services.

Our approach combines manual and automated testing procedures to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our web, mobile, and desktop testing apps are cost-effective and efficient, identifying any potential bugs and errors early on to improve software quality.

Automated Testing: Our experts use the latest testing tools to provide quick and reliable automated testing services. We understand the importance of agile development methodologies and integrate both manual and automated testing into our test plans and cases.

Manual Testing: Our team has extensive experience in replicating user behavior, following consistent processes, and testing exact scenarios to identify any unexpected bugs before the actual system implementation. sail44 also provides easy integration with third-party testing services to keep your software error-free.

sail44 projects typically include the following testing categories, each of which have their own set of specific attributes and goals:

  • Regression Testing

  • Database Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Browser Compatibility Testing

  • Load and Stress Testing

  • Security Testing

  • Platform/OS-based Testing

  • UI/UX Testing

  • Resolution Testing

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Achieving success in a short time period is challenging, and that's where User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) come into play. A well-designed UX is crucial in gaining user acceptance and ensuring successful implementation and faster return on investment (ROI).

Our design team at sail44 has a thorough understanding of industry demands and creates visually appealing designs by assimilating together a feng shui of fonts, colors, themes, and logos.

Our design team offers responsive web design services with a customer-focused approach, including:

  • Client interactions and analysis of enterprise branding through creative briefs

  • Creating mock-up designs using UI tools to simulate actions and reactions

  • Visualizing interaction patterns and usability features

  • Deeper insights into the usability and importance of features

  • A fresh look and feel for your site with our website redesigning services


We incorporate the latest web design techniques, such as Interaction/Interactive Design, with traditional techniques to provide a meaningful and satisfying UX experience.

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sail44 has a robust project management approach that utilizes software and status reporting, which is communicated to clients in weekly updates and monthly formal reports. Our projects are organized based on Oracle's CASE*Method system lifecycle design process and blended with Agile Development methodology for delivering functionality in sprints, enabling clients to receive project deliverables and functionality via project phases that include:

  • Strategy and Analysis

  • Detailed Design

  • Multi-threaded Development

  • Testing Cycles

  • Training

  • Implementation

  • Hyper care

  • Support

  • Maintenance

  • Enhancement Cycles


We track and allocate resources by task, including both internal and external resources, and provide status reporting by task to easily identify any potential risks and the impact on related tasks and timing. Effective measures are taken to manage scope creep, which is a common aspect of projects.

At sail44, we have daily internal meetings to discuss plans for the day and week ahead, including issue management. We also host weekly status meetings with clients via phone or electronic communication and provide formal monthly status reports of task completion and budget expenditures along with our invoices.

We have experience using various project management software packages, including Microsoft Project, Sciforma, Wrike, and Microsoft Planner.

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