Business trends are changing at a rapid pace and it is vital for organizations to have the right strategies and systems to stay ahead of the competition. This is achievable with custom software applications that automate and streamline processes in an organization by saving time and cost, thereby increasing efficiency and your bottom line.


Our custom software services at sail44 are a result of the top-shelf execution techniques and quality assurance plans that we undertake to provide the best value regarding our clients’ business needs and practices.

Our predictable and demonstrated Project Implementation Practices – DevOps, Agile, Iterative, and Waterfall approaches provide improved quality awareness and cost/scope time management required for the project. We offer project management utilizing T&M, Fixed Price, and/or Captive model for a custom software solution, and various review and acceptance milestones of the product life cycle contingent upon client necessities.

Our custom software development offers over a wide scope of creative innovative fields:

  • SAAS Development – Secure, dependable and vigorous SAAS advancement with development platforms according to your prerequisites.

  • Software Product Development – Developing software product-item based arrangements that expand hierarchical ROI and increment deals.

  • Business Software Consulting – Leveraging our experience to enable you to develop, benefit, and succeed.

  • Custom ERP Development – Development and execution of various modules that emphasize discrete workstreams that are coordinated through integrated modules.

  • Enterprise Software Development – Customized software services and solutions to meet requirements, increasing productivity and profitability.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions – Capability to develop and execute the best cloud-based solutions with Saas/PaaS.

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At sail44, proven processes, a team of professional developers, and product orientation facilitate meeting all project challenges of product development within the planned budget and timeframe. Closely coordinated communication and planning using agreed-upon, effective models bring clarity and transparency to the project for all team members and stakeholders.

  • Quality Control - As custom software applications are developed to run in uncontrolled user environments, testing becomes a crucial part of the product development lifecycles. Our team’s attention to detail and low tolerance for defects positively affects the usability, data integrity, and potential for future growth.

  • Cost Awareness - Successful businesses carefully apportion each expenditure within their budgetary constraints and capabilities. Organizations should carefully research suitable projects, enhancements, and features before allocating budgetary expenses. sail44 will guide you through these analyses. With our business insight and acumen, sail44 decreases the expense of designing and implementing new endeavors by shortening the timelines and employing Agile development techniques.

  • UI Prototyping Services - It is always a better option to develop a UI prototype before diving into any full-scale product development. Our team has worked with multiple development processes and builds professional UI prototypes for gaining customer requirements.

  • Product Enhancements and Maintenance - Maintaining a product is complex and costly, particularly for established products or product redesigns with a huge established base. sail44 has a full line of subject matter experts to enable customers to manage and support product forms on advanced stages and technologies. All product stages required basic product support and small-scale improvements to keep the applications up-to-date with changing procedures and maintain users’ engagement.

    sail44 solutions will facilitate lowering operating costs by keeping up with product offerings, redesigning product features by refreshing old and difficult to use interfaces. Your in-house experts will be empowered to concentrate on performance, allowing them to make informed decisions on upgrades.

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At sail44, robust and wide-ranging Big Data Analytics Services can manage the capacity, exchange, analysis, and support of unstructured warehouses of data in an arranged and controlled manner in order to keep users from having to perform ongoing investigations and analyses of data.

Our competence lies in creating and executing specially crafted systematic arrangements with Big Data advancements like Hadoop and MongoDB. sail44 employs a high aptitude in Database Application Development encompassing heterogeneous databases covering the total range of a company’s database needs. We excel in planning and overseeing conventional and nonconventional databases storing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured information. With the accompanying database administration, we help our customers screen, tune, and monitor database health.

Our innovative bundle for Database Management administration is comprised of Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, HP Vertica, Mongo DB to provide top-of-the-line data management, accessibility, and reliability. A portion of the key advantages of Database Management Services at sail44 are:

  • Database Development

  • Information Warehouse Design

  • Database Integration and ETL

  • Data Quality

  • Big Data Implementation and POC

  • Database Migration Assistance

  • Database Modeling and Design

  • Database Administration

From devising and employing cutting-edge strategies to evaluating different information sources, ensuring solid, intelligent, and reliable data quality, we offer it all. In addition, we also provide guidelines and procedures for monitoring databases to gauge accessibility and responsiveness.
Advertising analytics
Estimate the achievement of promoting sales, distinguish market patterns, benchmark against contenders, and provide data slices of an item portfolio.
Web-based business analytics
Web-based business investigation facilitates total company analyses: separation, inter-item commitments, create examination, venture investigations, gauging client requests, and dissection of classes, brands, and SKUs.
HR Analytics

HR departments estimate staff turnover, facilitates the recognition of the methods for encouraging commitment, and improves representation efficiency which empowers your organization’s executives.

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Major corporations face huge problems when it comes to collaboration and exchanging real-time information with multiple locations, departments, and systems to maintain workflow management. Developing enterprise solutions that bring various systems, data, processes, and people onto the same platform is a critical business need.

sail44 understands these challenges and offers Enterprise App Development solutions to specifically meet your business needs. By offering end-to-end services from consulting, requirements gathering, model development, quality assurance, and product maintenance; we have successfully designed solutions for enterprises in CRM, Enterprise Mobile App Development, BI Dashboards, and Financial Analysis and Reporting.

Drawing from our many years of expertise in software development and multiple technologies, sail44 offers enterprise solutions that streamline workflows by increasing efficiency and decreasing associated costs.

Application Outsourcing
This service empowers businesses to concentrate on their core abilities as opposed to having to take on software development projects. We also offer a Dedicated Development Center which enables businesses to gain access to a huge pool of multi-disciplinary software designers and other IT experts, requiring little to no effort.

Business Intelligence
Organizations confront issues related to merging and breaking down the Big Data produced from heterogeneous frameworks. We offer complete Business Intelligence consulting and administration, which helps to significantly increase the ability to process all of the gathered data and turn it into business knowledge.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)
We create custom CRM modules and screens in Salesforce that completely meet the customers' needs and business policy definitions.

Enterprise Application Integration
Our skill in the SharePoint and BizTalk Development arenas enables the organization to use the current IT architecture without rolling out numerous improvements in applications or information structures. We offer services like application joining, EDI, SOA, and others.

Portability has changed the manner in which organizations work. It is currently utilized as an indistinguishable piece of business make-up. We help businesses meet their portable device leverage plans with our broad experience of big business mobile app development over platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Node.JS.

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sail44's Cloud Application Development services provide a wide range of proficiency in the development and implementation of cloud-based solutions through Platform as a Service (PaaS) in the form of cloud computing services by incorporating the nuances of multi-tenant architecture.

Our comprehensive cloud-based services leverage the inexhaustible power of cloud solutions by showcasing maximum scalability, cost reductions, increased ROI, and ease of deployment.

Our team of cloud professionals helps organizations run their businesses without a need for heavy investment in technology infrastructure. All you have to do is choose the best cloud computing model to fit the business and its computing and security; for example Private, Public or Hybrid. sail44 utilizes the latest technologies to garner rich expertise and years of experience in cloud application development and deployment services.

We take care of all your business requirements as a part of our comprehensive cloud deployment services to perform a detailed assessment of the varied technology elements in order to offer the most dedicated cloud experience. We offer the following key capabilities:

Cloud Consulting Services
Strategic consultations assess cloud readiness, plan cloud architecture, and preparation - from delivery to full maintenance and support.

Cloud-based App Development
Leveraging the cloud for a multitude of app development requirements to attain the best market mixture with speed, agility, and efficiency while being cost-conscious.

Cloud App Integration and Migration
Build apps to migrate legacy applications to the cloud and leverage benefits offered by this technology. Integrate cloud applications either with existing applications or with other cloud-based apps to provide on premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration services.

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In today's digital world, mobile app development services are experiencing big waves of change, making it an indispensable ingredient in every business. As a mobile app development company, sail44 builds robust and versatile mobile apps for many business types with a complete focus on offering an approach for delivering customer-oriented solutions with the ultimate in creativity, efficiency, and while adhering to project budgets.

We develop mobile applications to give your business a new perspective on current consumer trends. Our professional team of mobile app developers has rich expertise in all state-of-the-art technologies, hardware devices, OS, platforms, and the development of customized mobile apps to fulfill core requirements.

iOS App Development
Explore the power of the Apple Ecosystem with apps that work on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and watches with our vast experience in UIKit, SDKs, Core Graphics, Core Animation, Game Controllers, and Cloud integration.

Android App Development
As the demands for Android apps increase for enterprises, sail44 develops mobile apps and solutions that are increasingly popular across the globe.

Hybrid Platform App Development
With the use of technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Angular Material, and JQuery; sail44 can build cross-platform apps for smartphones anytime, anywhere. We make use of hybrid technologies like Cordova, React Native, Flutter, PhoneGap to provide a seamless user experience and to keep development costs low for businesses that are deploying hybrid apps across large audiences.

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It is crucial for business leaders to adopt dynamic changes in market and technology evolution with regularly updated software apps. sail44 software offers a team of professionals entirely dedicated to refining app quality and providing exhaustive testing services.

We aim to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by mixing both manual and automated testing procedures, test plans, and test cases. Our web/Mobile app/Desktop testing apps are cost-effective by reducing rework time and identify all possible bugs and errors at an early stage to improve software quality.

Automated Testing Services
Our skilled professionals focus on automated testing services using the most updated testing tools to provide immediate customer satisfaction. We skillfully simulate scenarios and understand the importance of agile development methodologies by mixing both manual and automated testing as a part of test plans and test cases.

Manual Testing Services
Our team has rich expertise in replicating user behavior by following consistent processes and testing exact scenarios to cut out any unexpected bugs before actual system implementation. Assuring high-quality software, sail44 provides easy integration with third-party testing services for keeping your software error-free.


Testing Categories

  • Regression Testing

  • Database Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Browser Compatibility Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Platform/OS-based Testing

  • UI/UX Testing

  • Resolution Testing

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Hitting the bullseye in a short span of time is not an easy task and for that, we have User Interface and User Experience that plays crucial roles in the success of any application.  Remember, a well-sculpted UX helps to gain user acceptance of our apps, which in turn leads to successful implementations and faster ROI.

Our design team at sail44 understands the demands of the industry to ensure designs are visually appealing with the sophisticated merging of fonts, colors, themes and logos, and sound effects. sail44’s design team has rich expertise with the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, jQuery mobile, and Material Design.

Web Design Services
The sail44 design team that has diverse expertise in designing responsive web design services with a complete customer-oriented focus through:

  • Client interactions along with a brief study and analysis of enterprise branding through creative briefs

  • Creating mock-up designs with the help of UI tools to simulate actions and visualize the reactions

  • Visualize the interaction pattern and usability features

  • Deeper insights into the usability and importance of the features

  • A new look and feel of your site with Website redesigning services


We incorporate the latest web design techniques such as Interaction/Interactive Design, along with traditional design techniques into the apps and solutions to provide a meaningful and satisfying UX.

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At sail44, we have a strong project management practice that is facilitated and augmented with the use of software and status reporting that we provide to the clients in weekly updates and monthly formal reports.

We organize projects according to Oracle's CASE*Method system lifecycle design process, and we blend that with aspects of the Agile Development methodology for delivering functionality in sprints (short time spans) so that clients can receive and take advantage of automated functionality in phases.

Typical project phases include:

  • Strategy and Analysis

  • Detailed Design

  • Multi-threaded Development

  • Testing Cycles

  • Training

  • Implementation

  • Hyper care

  • Support

  • Maintenance

  • Enhancement Cycles


sail44 will track and allocate resources by task, including both internal and external resources needed for each task. Status reporting will be by task so it can be easily identified which tasks and related information are potentially at risk and the effects of a task or a set of tasks on related tasks and timing. Finally, sail44 employs effective measures for managing scope creep, which is an aspect of almost every project.

sail44 hosts daily internal meetings where plans for the day and week ahead are discussed, which includes issues management. At a minimum, sail44 hosts weekly status meetings with our clients via phone or electronic telecommunication and provides formal monthly status reports of task completion and budget expenditures that accompany our invoices.

sail44 has experience with utilizing several different project management software packages including Microsoft Project, Sciforma, Wrike, and Microsoft Planner.